Essentials: Sydney Dahl

Aye, these are a few of my daily essentials, 'me' as in Sydney. Somewhat basic. Camera is missing, and I hope you understand why... All of this goes into my worn out and dirty dirty American Apparel Denim Backpack below.

Digital film camera is fairly new, got two of them for €3.

Ck One, about 1/100 left of it was from my dear brother last christmas. I got him a packet of Jaffa cakes. Ha.

Spitfire Gold Autotuners, purchased from Lazy Oaf.  Love that brand lots. Second time I got them, lost the first pair in the airport or something moronic.

Diary Journal thing, whatever you want to call it. I don't really sketch much in it. Use it for collecting unnecesary things like train tickets, wristbands, stickers and labels.

| sh it| Blackberry Smartphone, second one. Fell on top of it while rolling back on rollerblades, colours on the screen are inversed and just ugh.

My scrunchie, my most loyal belonging, with me everywhere I go. Easy but pricey for a hairband from American Appazza.

Wowee One, haha. Just a little speaker that amplifies the bass through whatever it's sat on. C'est tres good for going to the beach. Mini jack for it.

iPod Nano, I have my e-mail engraved on the back. Worst decision. "Why?" I ask myself everytime I see it. Has plenty tunes on it though.

Le 50mm f/1.4 AF-S Fixed Lens. Takes SUBLIME shots.

And the key chain with no keys but a Pokeball. There is a story but that may not be of your interest.

This is not the most inspiring and well-thought post, but we were so pleased with the anonymous comment on our first post that I thought I'd post this as a teaser.

New. Can't wait for Channel Orange. Goin to be ratchet as !!

Frank Ocean - Pyramids


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